BEDFORD @ Het Nachtspoor

ALL ABOARD! And keep your tickets within reach ’cause on the 15th of March BEDFORD has her own little section at Het Nachtspoor. Seeing this is their first edition, let me crack open a jar of info for you.

Het Nachtspoor is a brand new evening parade in Utrecht that is held at The Railway Museum. They basically built this event on a foundation of young DJs, musicians, artists and the creative minds residing in Utrecht. Because of the overflow of creative diversity, the entire evening is filled with treats for the art-lovers among us. And just in case you’re not one, don’t worry. It’s also an awesome chance to have a drink and mingle or let loose and party.

What we want to bring to the table is that typical BEDFORD setting and experience that hopefully most of you know and love. To keep things interesting we decided not to have one style of music being played, but to mix things up a little. We’re talking about old soul & jazz tunes by¬†Propo’88, to the unexpected beats of The Space People. And to wrap it all up we have Mixed Grill doing what they do best, having fun and playing whatever the hell they want. Not only will Mixed Grill be spinning tracks but they will also be providing live visuals while doing so. No stranger to BEDFORD, The Garlic Myth will be exhibiting his new work which no doubt is going to be mind blowing. Here’s one of his older pieces to give you a taste of what’s to come.

All in all, this team of young creatives is what will set us apart from the rest. But that’s for you to decide. See you at Het Nachtspoor!

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