BEDFORD PAGES is a series of four magazines putting art back into the hands of the artist. For each issue BEDFORD invites two different artists to be editors-in-chief, curating the content of the issue.


This third issue two strangers got challenged to collaborate, Louis Reith and Job Kind. Both of them couldn’t put their finger on why BEDFORD invited them to work together. But enthusiastic about the concept they where willing to give it a try.

To get acquainted with each other’s working methods Job Kind and Louis Reith exchanged artworks. Their visual reactions give a good view of how both Kind as Reith react on visual elements. For the actual collaboration they made two pieces. One you will find in de magazine, the other is printed, in collaboration with Ill Store in an edition of 20 sweaters. For other items they both asked a musician (or band) and a fashion designer, they had worked with in the past, for an interview. Louis brought NON by KIM and Half Way Station to the table where Job invited Pablo Londono Sarria and Bart van der Lee. To make sure there was enough to look at they spared enough pages for 5 artists they both admire. All these different elements ultimately show two loners working together and let’s be honest, show off.


Featured artists: Kim David Bots, Matthew Craven, Half Way Station, Bart van der Lee, NON by KIM, Bobbi Oskam, Pablo Londono Sarria, Brent Wadden, Wart Zwart.

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