03030 records – Global Goon / Plastic Orchestra

The 030303 crew is, of course, famous for their sweat pants and smiley face merchandise. Wanting to achieve more, they decided around seven years ago to expand their Acid empire by not only throwing the most kick-ass Acid parties, but to also release the music themselves. Their latest gem is Plastic Orchestra by Global Goon.

It takes you to another place. It’s as if a spaced-out Aboriginal guy is playing his didgeridoo and sitting in front of his cave when he invites you for a dance in the fields in the valley below. Throw in a good bass and some funky keyboard tunes and let the organic sounds of Plastic Orchestra take over. Experience the sun melting into a garden of pink flowers and velvety green grass in a far away galaxy.

purchase it at clone.nl.

artwork by the house desinger : merijn hos

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