Oh! You Simple Things by Aleks Pietrzykowska

Two and some years ago the Fashion Communication student Aleks Pietrzykowska graduated with a lifestyle concept. Inspired by the search for her identity aswell as identity on its own, and the temporary transformations of urban life, she created a unisex collection named Wendekinder. A concept that contained, among other; clothes, a scent, a soundscape, and a simple little colourful necklace that went by the name Radiant. This piece was the birth of her necklace project “Oh! You Simple Things”. A line where simplicity and integrity characterizes every design.

Working all this time using unisex as a centre point of creativity, Aleks decided to take a minor step in another direction and broaden her thinking span by collaborating with her clients. From this came a continuous production of one of a kind pieces suited for its buyers. Hence Tailor Made.

In the BEDFORD STORE & MORE, O!YST has found itself on the shelves as a regular between the rest of the collection. But why waste time waiting for the next BEDFORD to take place when these little gems are accessible at any given moment?

Add a powerful accent to your life.

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