Our friends (the famous) Miktor & Molf made some work

This is what Miktor & Molf had to say about it:
‘As the Dutch minister of family matters (seriously, we have a minister for that) came up with an idea to make a website portal on local scale where families can get INFORMATION. This is as good as our explanation gets, sorry about that. Anyhow, they needed traffic and asked us to come up with a game to fix that. The game should be loosely based on the ‘raising kids’-theme. Oh, and in the best case scenario it should be both interesting for kids between 12-17 years old AND their parents. We invented this game which, in our humble opinion, actually lives up to that. We also made it possible to share the score on Facebook and Hyves, so friends could compete and actual traffic would be generated, but in the end they skipped that part. Too bad, because this little game of ‘What’s wrong or right when raising children?’ is pretty addictive’.
click here to ENJOY their educational game

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