It all started off as a good excuse to drink beer and exchange views on art and culture with the next guy. This quickly flourished and became a platform for the young and creative with a annually twist.

After hosting two temporary exhibition spaces under the name BEDFORD, we felt that it’s existence as a temporary space, within Utrecht’s flourishing art community lost it’s clout. Where others picked up the concept of space itself, Bedford was destined to continue in a other form. Out of our obsession with print and it’s opportunities we’ve created BEDFORD PAGES : a series of four magazines.┬áBased on our double-feature exhibitions in previous years, each issue of Bedford Pages is curated by the two different artists we invite to be guest editors. This duo will decide upon the content and will also create a series of works specially made for the pages of Bedford. By inviting two artists that never worked with each other before we create a unique experience for both artists and reader.

Because Bedford is an annual event in a ever changing form, we decided to make a blog to keep track of all the different artists that took part of it. This allows you to keep up to date with the latest advances in their current work environment.